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06/26/2013  Land Use Law Alert: U.S. Supreme Court Sides with Property Owner in Takings Case
01/16/2013  Condominium Law Alert: Second Circuit Reverses Ruling Prohibiting Pre-Sales in Non-Exempt Projects Under ILSA
07/31/2012  HSR News Alert No. 4: California High-Speed Rail Authority Cleared for Construction; Central Valley Property Owners Could See Condemnation Action
12/29/2011  California Supreme Court Upholds Legislation to Eliminate Redevelopment Agencies, Invalidates Option for Agencies to Survive by Sharing Tax Revenue
12/20/2010  Development Law Alert: No Longer Option to Waive Homebuyer Protection Act Under New Legislation
12/03/2010  HSR News Alert No. 2: High-Speed Rail Authority Approves $4.33 Billion to Build "Starter Segment" in Central Valley
09/14/2010  Condominium Law Group Update: Washington Statutes of Limitations Do Not Apply to Binding Arbitration Proceedings
04/13/2010  Development Law Alert: Waiver of Construction Lien Protection No Longer An Option For Developers?
02/26/2010  Condominium Law Group Update: Washington Supreme Court Validates Binding Arbitration of Warranty Claims
11/23/2009  Development Law Group Update: FHA Releases Revised Condominium Guidelines
10/06/2009  Condominium Law Group Update: Eleventh Circuit Denies Relief to Condominium Buyers Under ILSA
08/24/2009  Development Law Group Update: Washington Supreme Court Imposes Personal Liability on Condominium Developers
07/01/2009  Development Law Group Update: Ninth Circuit Limits Statute of Limitations on Design and Construction Claims Under Fair Housing Act
06/25/2009  Development Law Group Update: Do You Need a Real Estate License to Rent or Sell Your LLC's Real Estate
06/01/2009  Development Law Group Update: Beware of Tax Lots During Due Diligence
05/27/2009  Development Law Group Update: Large Commercial and High Rise Residential Property Owners and Developers Beware!
04/28/2009  Development Law Group Update: Residential Developers — Notice of Procedure
04/23/2009  Development Law Group Update: ALERT!!! SB 955 Would Limit Designers' Liability
04/03/2009  Development Law Group Update: Shaping Portland's UGB for the Next 50 Years
03/16/2009  Development Law Group Update: Oregon Legislature Considers Green Building Bills
01/08/2009  Development Law Group Update: Recent Oregon Court of Appeals Case Resolves Statute of Limitations Issues in Construction Defect Cases
11/17/2008  Development Law Group Update: Measure 49 Unenforceable? Measure 37 Revived?
11/03/2008  Development Law Group Update: Portland's Green Building Policy Proposal
10/16/2008  Development Law Group Update: City of Portland Planning Efforts Linking Economic Development and Livability
09/18/2008  Development Law Group Update: Temporary Regulation Implements Oregon's 2008 Tax Withholding Statute for Real Estate Transactions
08/15/2008  Development Law Group Update: Integrated Project Design May Be the Answer for Owners
06/18/2008  Zoning Confirmations: Buyer Beware!
03/24/2008  Real Estate & Development Law Group Alert: New State of Oregon Development Excise Tax
02/26/2008  Condominium Law Group Update: Struggling Condos Present Takeover Issues
12/12/2007  Real Estate Development Law Alert: Waiver of Consequential Damages Contract Clause Poses Substantial Risks to Project Owners and Developers

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