Construction and Design

01/28/2014  Construction Law Update: Announcing a New Washington Lien Law Treatise
01/16/2013  Condominium Law Alert: Second Circuit Reverses Ruling Prohibiting Pre-Sales in Non-Exempt Projects Under ILSA
08/08/2011  Construction Alert: Are Waivers of Liability and Consequential Damages Now Void in Oregon?
06/17/2011  Land Use Law Alert: Oregon Legislature Passes Fast-Track Industrial Permitting Bill
06/15/2011  Land Use Law Alert: Portland's New Tree Policy
12/20/2010  Development Law Alert: No Longer Option to Waive Homebuyer Protection Act Under New Legislation
08/09/2010  Development Law Group Legal Update: Washington Court Holds Statutes of Limitations Don't Apply to Arbitration
04/13/2010  Development Law Alert: Waiver of Construction Lien Protection No Longer An Option For Developers?
02/26/2010  Condominium Law Group Update: Washington Supreme Court Validates Binding Arbitration of Warranty Claims
11/23/2009  Development Law Group Update: FHA Releases Revised Condominium Guidelines
10/06/2009  Condominium Law Group Update: Eleventh Circuit Denies Relief to Condominium Buyers Under ILSA
09/03/2009  E-Verify Alert: What Federal Contractors Need to Know About the New E-Verify Compliance Requirements
08/24/2009  Development Law Group Update: Washington Supreme Court Imposes Personal Liability on Condominium Developers
07/21/2009  Development Law Group Update: Oregon Governor Signs Bill Shortening Period For Owners of "Large Commercial Buildings" to Assert Defective Design and Construction Claims From Ten to Six Years
07/08/2009  Development Law Group Update: Newly Passed Oregon Statute Awaiting Governor's Signature Would Reduce Length of Time for Owners of "Large Commercial Buildings" to Assert Defective Design and Construction Claims from 10 Years to Six Years
07/01/2009  Development Law Group Update: Ninth Circuit Limits Statute of Limitations on Design and Construction Claims Under Fair Housing Act
06/25/2009  Development Law Group Update: Do You Need a Real Estate License to Rent or Sell Your LLC's Real Estate
06/01/2009  Development Law Group Update: Beware of Tax Lots During Due Diligence
05/27/2009  Development Law Group Update: Large Commercial and High Rise Residential Property Owners and Developers Beware!
04/28/2009  Development Law Group Update: Residential Developers — Notice of Procedure
04/23/2009  Development Law Group Update: ALERT!!! SB 955 Would Limit Designers' Liability
04/03/2009  Development Law Group Update: Shaping Portland's UGB for the Next 50 Years
03/16/2009  Development Law Group Update: Oregon Legislature Considers Green Building Bills
02/27/2009  Development Law Group Update: Oregon House Considers Bill That Would Reduce the Period to Assert Defect Claims on Commercial Construction Projects from 10 Years to Six Years
01/08/2009  Development Law Group Update: Recent Oregon Court of Appeals Case Resolves Statute of Limitations Issues in Construction Defect Cases
11/17/2008  Development Law Group Update: Measure 49 Unenforceable? Measure 37 Revived?
11/03/2008  Development Law Group Update: Portland's Green Building Policy Proposal
10/16/2008  Development Law Group Update: City of Portland Planning Efforts Linking Economic Development and Livability
09/18/2008  Development Law Group Update: Temporary Regulation Implements Oregon's 2008 Tax Withholding Statute for Real Estate Transactions
08/15/2008  Development Law Group Update: Integrated Project Design May Be the Answer for Owners
05/22/2008  Development Law Group Update: What is a Green Lease?
04/21/2008  Real Estate & Development Law Group Alert - Oregon Supreme Court Upholds Owners’ Right to Bring Construction Defect Claims
03/24/2008  Real Estate & Development Law Group Alert: New State of Oregon Development Excise Tax
03/14/2008  Green Building Law Alert: IRS Issues Guidance on Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction
02/26/2008  Condominium Law Group Update: Struggling Condos Present Takeover Issues
12/12/2007  Real Estate Development Law Alert: Waiver of Consequential Damages Contract Clause Poses Substantial Risks to Project Owners and Developers
12/12/2006  Construction Law Alert: Oregon Court of Appeals Issues Important Ruling in Construction Case

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