12/07/2012  Corporate Compliance Update: Top 5 Takeaways from DOJ and SEC's Recently Published Resource Guide to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
10/24/2012  Corporate Compliance Update: U.K. Ministry of Justice Issues Revised Policies Regarding Bribery Prosecutions
08/15/2012  Farmers Catch a Break: Minnesota Supreme Court Refuses to Recognize a Claim for Trespass by Particulate Matter
02/29/2012  Tort Wars: In That Galaxy Far, Far Away, The California Legislature Strikes Back For Larger Tort Recoveries
01/30/2012  Federal Court Holds That the Migratory Bird Treaty Act Does Not Apply to Lawful Activities That Result in the Incidental Taking of Protected Birds
01/09/2012  NLRB Issues Ruling on Employment Arbitration Agreements
12/21/2011  Litigation Law Alert: What Companies Need to Know as FDA Warning Letters Allege "Misleading Ads" for "Lap-Band" Surgeries - and California Regulators Take Notice
06/27/2011  Litigation Law Alert: Litigation Holds
06/23/2011  Litigation Law Alert: The U.S. Supreme Court Strengthens the "Common Question" Standard
05/11/2011  Litigation Law Alert: Anti-Corruption Update: What Are You Doing to Prepare for July 1, 2011?
05/03/2011  Litigation Law Alert: Department of Justice's New Oil and Gas Price Fraud Working Group Begins its Work
04/27/2011  Litigation Law Alert: Alaska Supreme Court Clarifies the Business Judgment Rule for Board Members
03/07/2011  Oregon Bans Decabrominated Diphenyl Ether and Other Flame Retardants
02/11/2011  Court Finds That Cooperating Company's Disclosure of Privileged Documents to Government Does Not Waive Privilege, but Fairness Nevertheless Requires Disclosure to Defendants
02/02/2011  Litigation Law Alert: British Authorities Delay Implementation of UK Bribery Act
11/02/2010  Occupational Safety and Health Law Alert: OSHA Creep
09/30/2010  Litigation Law Alert: Ninth Circuit Adopts "Implied False Certification" Theory in False Claims Act Cases
09/27/2010   Second Circuit Extends Apprendi to Require Jury Determination of Facts Supporting Increased Criminal Fines Under Alternative Fines Act
05/07/2008  Litigation Alert: Fraud Alert Issued by U.S. Courts
09/25/2007  Corporate Law Alert: European Union Decision Redefines Confidential Communications in the Corporate Context
12/12/2006  White Collar Crime Law Alert: U.S. Department of Justice Revises Policy on Corporate Privilege Waivers and Advancement of Attorneys’ Fees
06/28/2006  White Collar Crime Law Alert: DOJ Policy Discouraging Advancement of Legal Fees Ruled Unconstitutional
10/01/2005  Litigation Law Alert: Preference Litigation Changes Expected Under the Amended Bankruptcy Code
04/01/2005  Litigation Law Alert: Class Action Fairness Act of 2005

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