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11/08/2013  Employers Should Revise Leave Policies To Comply With Portland's New Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
07/03/2013  Health Care Law Alert: Employer Pay-or-Play Rules Under ACA Pushed Back to 2015
03/15/2013  Employment Law Alert: Sick Leave Ordinance Approved in Portland
07/27/2012  Labor & Employment Law Alert: Alaska Supreme Court Extends Privileged Communications Protection to "Union Relations"
06/19/2012  Labor & Employment Law Alert: Supreme Court Declares Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Exempt From Overtime
06/18/2012  Labor & Employment Law Alert: NLRB Launches New Webpage Regarding Employee Rights
04/24/2012  Employment Law Alert: Transgender Employees Protected Under Title VII
01/09/2012  NLRB Issues Ruling on Employment Arbitration Agreements
11/29/2011  Employment Law Alert: It's Time to Ensure Compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act
10/27/2011  Labor & Employment Law Alert: Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Law Passed in Seattle
09/07/2011  Employment Law Alert: New Rule Requires Employers to Post Notice of Employee NLRA Rights
06/23/2011  Litigation Law Alert: The U.S. Supreme Court Strengthens the "Common Question" Standard
03/10/2011  Labor & Employment Law Alert: Medical Marijuana and Zero Tolerance Drug Testing Policies
03/08/2011  "Cat's Paw" Bias Liability Theory Shows Claws in Supreme Court Ruling
03/07/2011  Labor & Employment Law Alert: More Employers Resorting to No-Nicotine Hiring Policies
11/02/2010  Occupational Safety and Health Law Alert: OSHA Creep
04/15/2010  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Oregon Supreme Court: Employers Are Not Required to Accommodate Medical Marijuana
11/16/2009  Employee Benefits Law Alert - Referendum 71: Employee Benefits and Family Leaves
09/30/2009  Stoel Rives Labor & Employment News Digest - September 2009
09/23/2009  Health Care Law Alert: HIPAA's Breach Notification Obligations Begin September 23, 2009
07/30/2009  Labor & Employment News Digest - July 2009
06/30/2009  Stoel Rives Labor & Employment News Digest - June 2009
06/29/2009  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Ricci v. DeStefano—Supreme Court Holds City Violated Title VII By Rejecting Racially Disparate Test Results
05/29/2009  Stoel Rives Labor & Employment News Digest - May 2009
04/30/2009  Stoel Rives Labor & Employment News Digest - March/April 2009
04/01/2009  Labor and Employment Law Alert - Supreme Court: Arbitration Provisions in Collective Bargaining Agreements Enforceable on Discrimination Claims
02/27/2009  Labor & Employment News Digest - February 2009
02/19/2009  Labor and Employment Law Alert: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act's COBRA Subsidy and Payroll Tax Credit
01/29/2009  Stoel Rives Labor & Employment News Digest - January 2009
12/29/2008  Reminder: Family Medical Leave Act and New Family Military Leave Requirements Effective Date: January 16, 2009
11/25/2008  Labor & Employment News Digest - November 2008
11/14/2008  Labor & Employment Law Alert: Change is Coming
10/30/2008  Labor & Employment News Digest - October 2008
09/30/2008  Labor & Employment News Digest - September 2008
09/19/2008  Labor & Employment Law Alert: Major Changes on the Way for the ADA
08/28/2008  Stoel Rives Labor & Employment News Digest - August 2008
08/11/2008  Labor & Employment Law Alert: Appellate Court Relieves California Employers from Ensuring That Employees Take Meal Periods
07/31/2008  Labor & Employment News Digest - July 2008
06/26/2008  Labor & Employment News Digest - June 2008
05/28/2008  Labor & Employment News Digest - May 2008
05/16/2008  Labor & Employment Law Alert - Oregon Supreme Court: No Wage Claims for Rest and Meal Period Violations
04/23/2008  Labor & Employment Law Alert: Washington Legislature Passes Domestic Violence and Military Family Leave Laws
04/21/2008  Labor & Employment News Digest - April 2008
03/20/2008  Labor & Employment News Digest - March 2008
03/03/2008  Labor & Employment Law Alert: FMLA 2008 Update
02/27/2008  Labor & Employment Law Alert: "Me Too" Evidence Left to the Discretion of Trial Courts
02/04/2008  Labor & Employment Law Alert: FMLA Expanded for Military Service Members and Families
10/23/2007  Labor & Employment Law Alert: Washington's Family Leave Act FAQs
10/17/2007  Employment Law Alert: Oregon's Sexual Orientation and Domestic Partnership Laws Take Effect January 1: Be Prepared
10/05/2007  Employment Law Alert: The Logjam Breaks: NLRB Issues Critical Decisions
07/16/2007  Employment Law Alert: Department of Labor Issues New Federal Minimum Wage Poster
07/03/2007  Employment Law Alert: Oregon Legislature Limits the Use of Noncompetition Agreements
06/20/2007  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Give Me a Break! The Oregon Court of Appeals Raises the Stakes on Missed Rest Breaks
05/15/2007  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Disability Discrimination - Coverage Becomes Even Wider
05/11/2007  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Oregon Adopts Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination and Domestic Partnership Legislation
11/03/2006  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Farmers Claims Adjusters Exempt from Overtime Pay
10/05/2006  Employment Law Alert: Who is a "Supervisor"? The NLRB Finally Acts
06/23/2006  Labor and Employment Law Alert: What in Tarnation! That’s Retaliation?
06/14/2006  Labor and Employment Law Alert - The Cat's Paw is Gaining Ground
05/04/2006  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Oregon Court Dodges Medical Marijuana But Narrows “Disability”
04/17/2006  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Hair-dos, Tattoos, and Body Piercings: Is Your Dress Code Lawful?
04/06/2006  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Religious Accommodation Hardship Defense Changing
01/30/2006  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Washington's Law Against Discrimination to Include Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression or Identity
11/01/2005  Labor and Employment Law Alert: U.S. Supreme Court Rules That Putting on Protective Clothing Begins the Workday and Starts Compensable Time
06/01/2005  Labor and Employment Law Alert: No Guidance to Employers in Supreme Court's Medical Marijuana Ruling
03/01/2005  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Washington's Highest Court Rules Arbitration Agreements Enforceable
03/01/2005  Labor and Employment Law Alert: New Poster Requirement under USERRA
02/01/2005  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Oregon Court Redefines "Disability" and Requires Reasonable Accommodation for Medical Marijuana Users
01/01/2005  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Latest Changes
12/01/2004  Labor and Employment Law Alert: State-By-State Update: Noncompetes
06/01/2004  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Congressional Amendments, State Law Cloud DOL's New Rules
06/01/2004  Labor and Employment Law Alert: Washington Meal and Rest Break Update
04/01/2004  Labor and Employment Law Alert: FLSA "White-Collar" Overtime Exemption Regulations Go Into Effect
03/01/2004  Labor and Employment Law Alert: U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Reverse Age Discrimination Claims Under the ADEA
02/01/2004  Labor and Employment Law Alert: New Act Eliminates Prior FCRA Requirements for Employer Investigations

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