07/13/2016  In Case You Missed It - Interesting Items for Corporate Counsel (Cumulative)
12/27/2013  Tax Law Alert: Sales Factor Excludes Amounts Received from the Sale of Goodwill
10/03/2013  Tax Law Alert: Oregon's 2013 Special Legislative Session Passes Changes to Oregon Tax Law
05/31/2013  Tax Law Alert: Credits Can be Used to Pay the Oregon "Minimum Tax"
04/15/2013  Energy Tax Law Alert: IRS Issues Guidance Regarding Beginning of Construction Requirement for PTC and ITC
04/04/2013  Energy Tax Law Alert: IRS Extends Deadline for Claiming Payments for Biodiesel Mixtures and Alternative Fuels
03/05/2013  Energy Tax Law Alert: Treasury Makes Announcement Regarding Impact of Sequestration on Section 1603 Grant
01/02/2013  Energy Tax Law Alert: Fiscal Cliff Bill Includes PTC Extension and Other Energy-Related Provisions
12/12/2012  Energy Tax Law Alert: IRS Revokes Ruling Regarding Allocation of PPA Cost
12/10/2012  Health Care Law Alert: Regulations Issued on Medical Device Excise Tax
09/25/2012  Energy Tax Law Alert: Treasury Grants Paid on Renewable Energy Projects After January 2, 2013 May Be Reduced by 7.6% Under "Sequestration"
06/04/2012  State & Local Tax Law Alert: Portland Revenue Bureau Announces Tax Amnesty Program
01/10/2012  Tax Law Alert: IRS Announces Third Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program Related to Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)
10/27/2011  Tax Law Alert: Imputed Revenues Derived from Services Performed for Affiliates without Compensation
07/25/2011  The Aftermath of the BETC: An Overview of the 2011 Legislative Changes to Oregon's Energy Tax Credits
04/01/2011  Tax Law Alert: IRS Issues Favorable Guidance Regarding Bonus Depreciation
03/11/2011  Tax Law Alert: Relief Recently Provided for Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)
12/17/2010  Tax Law Alert: Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 Enacted
12/17/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010
09/27/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Bonus Depreciation Extended Through 2010
08/27/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Understanding "Beginning Construction" Under Section 1603
06/25/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Treasury Department Issues Guidance Regarding Cash Grant Begin Construction Requirement
05/13/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Supplemental Treasury Requests May Create Delays in 1603 Grant Payments
05/05/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Public Hearing Regarding Changes to Washington's Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Program Scheduled May 11, 2010
04/14/2010  Energy Law Alert: California Excludes Treasury Grant from Taxable Income
03/30/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Treasury Revises Guidance Concerning "Beginning of Construction"
03/24/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Oregon Governor Signs 2010 BETC Bill into Law
03/22/2010  Tax Law Alert: Business Tax Provisions of the HIRE Act
03/11/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Treasury Creates Safe Harbor for Smart Grid Investment Grants
02/25/2010  Washington State Legislative Update: Bill would sharply curtail sales tax exemption for renewable energy projects and potentially discriminate against wind energy projects that sell electricity to out-of-state utilities.
02/09/2010  Tax Law Alert: The State of Washington Seeks to Tax Business Activities Occurring in Other States
01/19/2010  Tax Law Alert: Oregon Department of Energy Issues New Rule Governing the BETC Pass-Through Rates
11/11/2009  Tax Law Alert: President Signs New Tax Legislation
11/05/2009  Oregon Department of Energy Issues New Temporary Rules Governing the Business Energy Tax Credit ("BETC")
09/22/2009  Tax and Renewable Energy Law Alert: IRS Revises Safe Harbor for Wind Project Structure
08/14/2009  Tax Law Alert: Guidance Issued for Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Tax Credits
07/31/2009  Energy Law Alert: Treasury Issues Guidance on Applications for Grants in Lieu of the ITC and the PTC
06/01/2009  Energy Law Alert: Energy Financing Opportunities in the 2008 Farm Bill
06/01/2009  Development Law Group Update: Beware of Tax Lots During Due Diligence
03/18/2009  Energy Law Alert: Washington Sales Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Machinery and Equipment Will Expire June 30, 2009
03/12/2009  Bioenergy Law Alert: Stimulus Bill Creates Opportunities for Facilities Generating Electricity from Biomass
02/19/2009  Tax Law Alert: Stimulus Bill Enacted
02/12/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Renewable Energy Incentives in Conference Agreement
02/09/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: New RPS Proposals Under Consideration by Congress
01/26/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Senate Finance Chairman Proposes Alternatives to House Bill Renewable Energy Incentives
12/18/2008  Tax Law Alert: IRS Issues Guidance Regarding Biodiesel Credit and Cellulosic Biofuels Producer Credit
10/20/2008  Tax Law Alert: Stabilization, AMT Relief and Extenders Law
10/08/2008  Energy Tax Law Alert: Rescue Bill Extends Production Tax Credits and Investment-Based Energy Tax Credits and Provides Additional Tax Benefits for Renewable and Other Energy Activities
10/03/2008  Renewable Energy Tax Law Alert: Production Tax Credits and Investment Tax Credits Extended
09/18/2008  Development Law Group Update: Temporary Regulation Implements Oregon's 2008 Tax Withholding Statute for Real Estate Transactions
08/07/2008  Tax Law Alert: Oregon Supreme Court Reverses Court of Appeals Decision; Director Fees Not Subject to Oregon Unemployment Insurance
02/27/2008  Energy Tax Law Alert: Oregon Continues to Welcome Renewable Industries - 2008 Modifications to the State BETC
02/20/2008  Tax and Corporate Law Alert: IRC 162(m) Update
02/12/2008  Energy Tax Law Alert: Economic Stimulus Package Allows Bonus Depreciation for Projects Completed in 2008
02/08/2008  Tax Law Alert: Congress Passes Economic Stimulus Package of 2008
12/20/2007  Tax Bulletin: Individual AMT Relief Awaiting Presidential Signature
10/23/2007  Tax Law Alert: Director Fees Subject to Oregon Unemployment Insurance
10/19/2007  Tax Law Alert: IRS Creates Safe Harbor for Wind Energy "Flip" Transactions
08/27/2007  Tax Law Alert: New Oregon Law Requires Withholding Tax on Real Property Conveyances Starting January 1, 2008
05/22/2007  Employee Benefits Law Alert: Overview of Key Provisions of the Section 409A Final Regulations
04/20/2007  Biofuels Law Alert: IRS Notice 2007-37 Provides Guidance Regarding Coproduced Diesel and Thermal Depolymerization Using Catalysts
04/13/2007  Employee Benefits Law Alert: Treasury and IRS Issue Final Regulations Regarding Deferred Compensation Plans
02/14/2007  Tax Law Alert: IRS Compliance Program for Backdated Stock Options
12/20/2006  Tax Law Alert: Bush Signs the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006
05/18/2006  Tax Law Alert: Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act
02/09/2006  Energy Law Alert: IRS Clarifies That State Tax Credits Do Not Reduce Federal Production Tax Credits
01/01/2006  Employee Benefits Law Alert: Overview of Key Provisions of the Section 409A Proposed Regulations
11/11/2005  Tax Law Alert: Construction Related Provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005
08/15/2005  Energy Law Alert: Energy Bill Extends Production Tax Credit and Provides New and Expanded Tax Benefits for Renewable and Other Energy Activities
06/24/2005  Tax Alert: Deadline Approaching for Filing Form TD F 90-22.1
12/15/2004  Tax Law Alert: Overview of New Deferred Compensation Law
10/19/2004  Tax Alert: Civil Rights Tax Relief
10/13/2004  Tax Law Alert: New Legislation Expands Availability of Production Tax Credit
10/05/2004  Tax Law Alert: Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004
09/23/2004  Energy Law Alert: Pending Reinstatement of Production Tax Credit
09/01/2004  Energy Law Alert: The Production Tax Credit and Wind Power Investments

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