12/06/2013  Environmental Law Alert: FWS Extends Eagle "Take" Permit to 30 Years | What You Need to Know
11/18/2013  Energy Law Alert: California Cap and Trade Auctions Upheld as Constitutional
10/10/2013  Energy Law Alert: California Net Metering and Residential Rate Reform Become Reality
09/13/2013  Energy Law Alert: California Net Metering Reform Passes California Legislature; Heads to the Governor for Signature
08/15/2013  Hydropower Law Alert: President Obama Signs Groundbreaking Bipartisan Hydropower Legislation Into Law
07/23/2013  Energy Law Alert: FERC Creates New Opportunities for Energy Storage and Sales of Ancillary Services
04/29/2013  Environmental Law Alert: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance for Wind Projects
04/24/2013  Ocean Law Alert: Obama Administration Releases National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan
04/15/2013  Energy Tax Law Alert: IRS Issues Guidance Regarding Beginning of Construction Requirement for PTC and ITC
04/04/2013  Energy Tax Law Alert: IRS Extends Deadline for Claiming Payments for Biodiesel Mixtures and Alternative Fuels
03/25/2013  Energy Law Alert: GHG Reporting Deadline Rapidly Approaching for Transportation Fuel Suppliers in California
03/05/2013  Energy Tax Law Alert: Treasury Makes Announcement Regarding Impact of Sequestration on Section 1603 Grant
02/11/2013  South Coast Air Quality Management District Proposed Rule 1304.1 Would Impose Substantial Fees on Facilities Undertaking Replacement Projects
01/02/2013  Energy Tax Law Alert: Fiscal Cliff Bill Includes PTC Extension and Other Energy-Related Provisions
12/12/2012  Energy Tax Law Alert: IRS Revokes Ruling Regarding Allocation of PPA Cost
11/16/2012  Alert to Trading Counterparties of J.P. Morgan Ventures Energy Corp.
09/25/2012  Energy Tax Law Alert: Treasury Grants Paid on Renewable Energy Projects After January 2, 2013 May Be Reduced by 7.6% Under "Sequestration"
09/24/2012  Energy Law Alert: CFIUS Intervenes in Chinese-Owned Wind Project
09/19/2012  Energy Law Alert: The Impact of Increased U.S. Import Tariffs for Solar Cells and Modules of Chinese Origin
08/03/2012  Tribal Law Alert: All Indian Tribes Can Lease Tribal Land Without BIA Approval
06/14/2012  Energy Law Alert: FERC Confirms That Its "One-Mile" Rule is a Safe Harbor for Establishing Separate Qualifying Facilities
04/30/2012  Energy Law Alert: California Permitted to Enforce Low Carbon Fuel Standard Pending Appeal
04/03/2012  Energy Law Alert: FERC Conditionally Approves MISO Queue Reform
03/30/2012  California Energy Commission Suspends RPS Eligibility Guidelines Related to Biomethane
03/29/2012  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Land-Based Wind Energy Guidelines
03/14/2012  FAQ on Army's $7 Billion Draft RFP for Renewable Energy
03/05/2012  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Reissues Nationwide Permits
02/29/2012  Energy Development Law Alert: Army Issues Draft Solicitation for $7 Billion in Renewable Energy Contracts
02/03/2012  BioEnergy Law Alert: EPA Issues Notice of Violation to Absolute Fuels
02/01/2012  The Interconnection Landscape Changes Yet Again: FERC Conditionally Accepts the California ISO's Interconnection Queue Reform Phase 2
01/30/2012  Federal Court Holds That the Migratory Bird Treaty Act Does Not Apply to Lawful Activities That Result in the Incidental Taking of Protected Birds
12/19/2011  Renewable Energy Law Alert: California Public Utilities Commission Adopts Decision Implementing RPS Portfolio Content Categories
12/09/2011  Energy Law Alert: FERC Rules That Bonneville's Curtailment of Wind Energy Violates Section 211A of the Federal Power Act
11/09/2011  Renewable Energy Law Alert: EPA Enforcement of RFS2 Heats Up
07/25/2011  The Aftermath of the BETC: An Overview of the 2011 Legislative Changes to Oregon's Energy Tax Credits
06/28/2011  Renewable Energy Law Alert: EPA Releases Draft 2012 Renewable Fuel Standards
06/27/2011  Stoel Rives Publishes Case Study on Wind Development Project in California; Chinese Translation Available
04/15/2011  Energy Tax Law Alert: Treasury Revises Guidance Concerning "Qualified Facility"
04/13/2011  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Governor Brown Signs Bill Increasing California's Renewable Portfolio Standard to 33%
04/05/2011  Renewable Energy Law Alert: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Nationwide Permits Reissuance
03/29/2011  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Legislature Passes Bill Increasing California's Renewable Portfolio Standard to 33%
03/21/2011  Energy Transmission Services Law Alert: FERC Seeks Comments on Regulatory Reforms for Merchant Transmission and Generator Interconnection Capacity
03/10/2011  Energy Law Alert: California Public Utilities Commission Holds Workshop on Energy Storage Legislation
02/24/2011  Energy Law Alert: Boiler Hazardous Air Pollutant Emission Rules Released By EPA
02/02/2011  Energy Law Alert: Ninth Circuit Decision Further Dismantles an Already Weakened Federal Transmission Siting Authority
01/07/2011  Solar Energy Development on U.S. Bureau of Land Management Lands: Opportunities and Obstacles Created by Shifting Legal Sands
12/17/2010  Renewable Energy Law Alert: The Upper Midwest Reopens to Renewable Energy Development
12/17/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010
12/01/2010  Biofuels Law Alert: EPA Releases Final Renewable Fuel Standards for 2011
11/23/2010  Stoel Rives Energy Regulation Report
10/11/2010  Show Me the Money: A Summary of Biofuels Incentives
09/29/2010  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Air Resources Board Adopts 33% Renewable Energy Standard; Four California Energy Agencies Vow to Cooperate on Implementation
09/27/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Bonus Depreciation Extended Through 2010
09/03/2010  Renewable Energy Law Alert: California Energy Commission Proposes Revisions to RPS Guidebooks
09/01/2010  Renewable Energy Law Alert: California Legislature Fails to Pass 33% Renewable Portfolio Standard
08/27/2010  Proposed California Public Utilities Commission Decision Would End Moratorium on Tradable Renewable Energy Credit Transactions, Increase TREC Cap to 40%, and Exempt Existing Contracts from the Cap
08/27/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Understanding "Beginning Construction" Under Section 1603
07/20/2010  Renewable Energy Law Alert: California ISO Proposes Interconnection Changes that Will Affect Wind and Solar Developers
06/25/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Treasury Department Issues Guidance Regarding Cash Grant Begin Construction Requirement
05/20/2010  Biofuels Law Alert: RFS2 Deadlines Are Rapidly Approaching
05/13/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Supplemental Treasury Requests May Create Delays in 1603 Grant Payments
05/05/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Public Hearing Regarding Changes to Washington's Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Program Scheduled May 11, 2010
04/29/2010  Wind Energy Law Alert: Interior Secretary Approves Cape Wind Project
04/26/2010  Energy Law Alert: U.S. DOE Releases Funding Opportunity Announcement for Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Development
04/14/2010  Energy Law Alert: California Excludes Treasury Grant from Taxable Income
03/30/2010  Energy Law and Climate Change Law Alert: EPA Issues Controversial Greenhouse Gas Interpretive Ruling
03/30/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Treasury Revises Guidance Concerning "Beginning of Construction"
03/29/2010  Energy Law Alert: Agencies Sign MOU Establishing "New Approach" to Hydropower, Hydroelectric, and Pumped Storage Facilities
03/26/2010  Developments in the Evaluation of GHG Emissions Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Washington's State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act (MEPA)
03/24/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Oregon Governor Signs 2010 BETC Bill into Law
03/23/2010  Energy Law Alert: FERC Issues Orders Changing Reporting Requirements for Generator Sites and Exempting Facilities 1 MW or Less from QF Filing Requirement
03/17/2010  Energy Law Alert: California Public Utilities Commission Decision Allows Tradable Renewable Energy Credits
03/11/2010  Energy Tax Law Alert: Treasury Creates Safe Harbor for Smart Grid Investment Grants
03/04/2010  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Proposed Legislation to Limit ITC Grants for Renewable Projects
02/25/2010  Washington State Legislative Update: Bill would sharply curtail sales tax exemption for renewable energy projects and potentially discriminate against wind energy projects that sell electricity to out-of-state utilities.
02/12/2010  Energy and Securities Law Alert: SEC Adopts Interpretive Guidance on Disclosure Regarding Climate Change
02/01/2010  Energy and Securities Law Alert: Securities and Exchange Commission Adopts Interpretive Guidance on Disclosure Regarding Climate Change
01/22/2010  Energy Law Alert: FERC Seeks Suggestions on Revising Transmission Tariffs to Break Down Barriers to Integration of Renewable Energy Resources
01/19/2010  Tax Law Alert: Oregon Department of Energy Issues New Rule Governing the BETC Pass-Through Rates
01/13/2010  Energy Law Alert: U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Contractual Stability, Finds that the Mobile-Sierra Public Interest Standard Applies to Third-Party Challenges to Contract Rates
01/11/2010  Energy Law Alert: California Public Utilities Commission Issues Third Proposed Decision Authorizing Tradable Renewable Energy Credits; Comments Due January 19
01/04/2010  Show Me The Money: $16.5 Million Available in Loans and Grants Under Washington's State Energy Program
12/17/2009  Wind Energy Law Alert: Federal Court Halts Wind Project to Protect Indiana Bat
11/06/2009  California Air Resources Board Begins Establishment of Expansive Renewable Electricity Standard to Achieve 33% Renewable Standard
11/05/2009  Oregon Department of Energy Issues New Temporary Rules Governing the Business Energy Tax Credit ("BETC")
10/07/2009  Show Me the Money: Loan Guarantee Solicitation for Commercial Technology Applications
09/22/2009  Tax and Renewable Energy Law Alert: IRS Revises Safe Harbor for Wind Project Structure
09/18/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Pledging to Veto SB 14 and AB 64, Governor Schwarzenegger Pursues Alternative Path to 33 Percent RPS
08/27/2009  Stimulus Alert: Don't Be Caught Off Guard: The Buy American Provisions of the ARRA Are Complex and a Pitfall for the Unwary
08/18/2009  Law of Algae Available Now
08/14/2009  Tax Law Alert: Guidance Issued for Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Tax Credits
08/13/2009  Show Me The Money: Recovery Act Opportunities for Small Businesses
08/12/2009  Agribusiness Law Alert: The Wind Energy Promotion Act: Turbo Charging the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit
08/07/2009  Show Me the Money: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Related to Loan Guarantees for Projects That Employ Innovative Technologies
08/06/2009  Show Me the Money: Concentrating Solar Power Generation and Community Renewable Energy Deployment
08/05/2009  Show Me the Money: $5.5 Million Available for the Expansion of Ethanol Blends
08/03/2009  Energy Law Alert: FERC Approves Southwest Power Pool's Reformed Interconnection Procedures
07/31/2009  Energy Law Alert: Treasury Issues Guidance on Applications for Grants in Lieu of the ITC and the PTC
07/30/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: DOE Releases Eagerly Awaited Loan Guarantee Solicitations
07/28/2009  A Change in the Wind's Direction: BPA Issues Final Record of Decision in 2010 Rate Case
07/20/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: FERC Policy Statement Seeks to Accelerate Deployment of Smart Grid Technology
07/17/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Announces Funding of Up to $85 Million for Algal and Advanced Biofuels
07/09/2009  Energy Law Alert: Treasury Issues Guidance on Applications for Grants in Lieu of the ITC and the PTC
07/08/2009  $32 Million for Hydropower Infrastructure Improvements
07/06/2009  Show Me the Money: Building America Energy Efficient Housing Partnerships
07/06/2009  Show Me the Money: Advanced Energy Efficient Building Technologies
07/06/2009  Energy Law Alert: $6 Million Available for a U.S.-China Clean Energy and Climate Partnership Program
07/01/2009  Show Me the Money: Allocations of $42.5 Million to Solid-State Lighting
07/01/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Washington Releases Summary of State and Federal Bioenergy Incentives
06/30/2009  Show Me the Money: $4.15 Billion Available for Smart Grid Projects
06/29/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Releases $10.5 Million to Improve Solar Technologies and Energy Projects
06/24/2009  Show Me the Money: New Grant Solicitation for Development of a Wind Turbine Drivetrain Testing Facility
06/23/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Releases $39.5 Million to Enhance Energy Assurance Capabilities and Plan for Smart Grid Resiliency
06/23/2009  Energy Law Alert: FERC Implements Significant Revisions to Change in Status Reporting Requirements
06/17/2009  Show Me the Money: Clean Coal Power Initiative Round 3
06/17/2009  Show Me the Money: $102 Million Available for Electricity Regulators and Grid Improvements (Transmission Analysis and Planning)
06/16/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Announces $1.4 Billion Investment to Reduce Carbon Emissions
06/12/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Announces $300 Million of Investments to Boost Clean Energy Technologies
06/11/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Announces $256 Million Investment to Improve Energy Efficiency of the American Economy
06/05/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Releases Stimulus Funds for Geothermal Energy Projects
06/05/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: IRS Guidance on Electing ITC
06/04/2009  Show Me the Money: $117.6 Million Deployed to Accelerate Solar Energy Technologies
06/01/2009  Energy Law Alert: Energy Financing Opportunities in the 2008 Farm Bill
05/07/2009  Agribusiness/Energy Law Alert: $18 Million of Value-Added Producer Grants Available
05/06/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Washington Legislature Passes Bill to Expand the Energy Freedom Program
05/05/2009  Ocean Law Alert: Minerals Management Service Issues Final Regulations Governing Leases on the Outer Continental Shelf for Development of Wind, Wave, Current, Solar, and Other Renewable Energy Sources1
04/23/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Out-of-State Wind and Solar Generation Could Be Excluded from Participating in California's Renewable Portfolio Standard
04/21/2009  Energy Law Alert: More Funding Opportunity Announcements for Smart Grid
04/10/2009  Ocean Law Alert: FERC and MMS Remove Jurisdictional Obstacle to OCS Hydrokinetic Projects
04/08/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Treasury Department's Office of General Counsel Confirms That Recovery Act Section 1603 Energy Property Grants Are Not Subject to NEPA
04/03/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: California Public Utilities Commission Issues New Proposed Decision on Tradable Renewable Energy Credits
03/31/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: California Public Utilities Commission Proposes Expanded Use of Feed-In Tariffs
03/18/2009  Energy Law Alert: Washington Sales Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Machinery and Equipment Will Expire June 30, 2009
03/18/2009  Ocean Law Alert: Implications for FERC Conditioned License Authority from Liquid Natural Gas Case
03/12/2009  Bioenergy Law Alert: Stimulus Bill Creates Opportunities for Facilities Generating Electricity from Biomass
03/06/2009  Energy Law Alert: Stimulus Bill Funding Opportunities for Smart Grid, Energy Storage and Other Energy Technologies
03/02/2009  Energy Law Alert: FERC Amends Merchant Transmission Participation Requirements, Allows Negotiations for "Anchor Tenants"
02/20/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: California Public Utilities Commission Proposes Criteria to Evaluate Viability of California Renewable Portfolio Standard
02/18/2009  Wind Energy Law Alert: BLM and State of Oregon Complete Unprecedented MOU on the Siting and Environmental Review of Wind Energy Projects
02/12/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Renewable Energy Incentives in Conference Agreement
02/09/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: New RPS Proposals Under Consideration by Congress
01/26/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Senate Finance Chairman Proposes Alternatives to House Bill Renewable Energy Incentives
01/22/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: House Bill Proposes Increased Incentives for Renewable Energy Projects
01/06/2009  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Siemens AG's $1.6 Billion Penalty for Bribing Foreign Officials is a Warning to the International Energy Industry
12/22/2008  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Growing Green Jobs
12/19/2008  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Assembly Bill Looks to Accelerate Renewable Procurement in California
12/18/2008  Tax Law Alert: IRS Issues Guidance Regarding Biodiesel Credit and Cellulosic Biofuels Producer Credit
11/25/2008  Newly Issued California Executive Order Requires Energy Retailers to Deliver 33% of Electrical Energy from Renewable Resources by 2020 and Establishes Facilitating Procedural Framework
11/21/2008  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Washington Supreme Court Affirms State Siting Council's Authority to Permit Alternative Energy Facilities
11/06/2008  Renewable Energy Law Alert: California PUC to Allow Greater Flexibility in RPS Compliance Via Use of Unbundled RECs
11/03/2008  Energy Law Alert: California Public Utilities Commission Rejects Finavera-PG&E Wave Energy Contract
10/22/2008  Ocean Law Alert: FERC Re-asserts OCS Jurisdiction for Hydrokinetic Projects
10/13/2008  Energy Law Alert: Utah Public Service Commission Gives OK to Wind Farm Transmission Line
10/08/2008  Energy Tax Law Alert: Rescue Bill Extends Production Tax Credits and Investment-Based Energy Tax Credits and Provides Additional Tax Benefits for Renewable and Other Energy Activities
09/09/2008  Ocean Law Alert: FERC Comments on the OCS Alternative Energy/Alternate Use Rule Proposed by MMS
09/08/2008  Renewable Energy Law Alert: FERC Rules on MISO Queue Reform
08/04/2008  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Oregon Public Utility Commission Gives a Green Light to Third-Party Ownership of On-Site Solar and Wind Facilities
07/29/2008  Renewable Energy Law Alert: MMS Takes Next Steps to Issue Leases for Offshore Testing
07/28/2008  Energy Law Alert: Utah Public Service Commission Asserts Jurisdiction over Wind Farm Transmission Line
07/25/2008  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Department of Interior Proposes New Regulations Governing Development of Alternative Energy Sources
06/30/2008  Biofuels Law Alert: EPA Guidance on Potentially Illegal RIN Trading Practices
06/27/2008  Energy and Climate Change Law Alert: California Air Resources Board Issues Draft Scoping Plan on Implementation of California's Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32)
05/20/2008  Energy Law Alert: FERC Denies Appeal from Generator Tie-line Owner Registered on Compliance Registry as a Transmission Owner and Transmission Operator
04/10/2008  Ocean Law Alert: FERC Authorizes Construction of First Hydrokinetic Project
03/31/2008  Energy Law Alert: Public Utilities Commission of Nevada Examines Third-Party Ownership of Distributed Renewable Generation
03/14/2008  Green Building Law Alert: IRS Issues Guidance on Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction
02/27/2008  Energy Tax Law Alert: Oregon Continues to Welcome Renewable Industries - 2008 Modifications to the State BETC
02/12/2008  Energy Tax Law Alert: Economic Stimulus Package Allows Bonus Depreciation for Projects Completed in 2008
02/11/2008  Ocean Law Alert - Washington Department of Ecology Asks FERC to Rescind Its First Hydrokinetic License
01/28/2008  Food Liability and Biofuels Law Alert: Distillers Grains Linked to E. coli O157:H7
01/07/2008  Biofuels Law Alert: EISA of 2007 Calls for Additional Production of Biofuels Through 2022 and Provides Research Grants for Cellulosic and Advanced Biofuels
12/20/2007  Ocean Law Alert: Congress Provides Boost to Emerging Marine and Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy Technologies
12/20/2007  Energy and Biofuels Law Alert: Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
11/12/2007  Biofuels Law Alert: Looming RFS Deadlines
11/08/2007  Ocean Law Alert: Minerals Management Service Releases New Alternative Ocean Energy Program Details
10/19/2007  Tax Law Alert: IRS Creates Safe Harbor for Wind Energy "Flip" Transactions
09/28/2007  Energy Law Alert: Public Utility Commission Issues Proposed Oregon Small Generator Interconnection Rules for Public Comment
08/22/2007  Energy and Climate Change Law Alert: Kulongoski Signs Landmark Climate Change Legislation
08/07/2007  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Oregon Revises Net Metering Rules to Encourage Increased Use of Renewable Energy
07/30/2007  Renewable Energy Law Alert: CPUC Begins Looking at REC Trading
07/02/2007  Energy Law Alert: Oregon Set to Expand Business Energy Tax Credit
06/26/2007  Biofuels Law Alert: Oregon Set to Adopt Aggressive Biofuels Incentives
06/26/2007  ESA Law Alert: The Supreme Court Decides That the Endangered Species Act Does Not Trump the Clean Water Act
06/21/2007  Energy Law Alert: PG&E and SCE Petition CPUC to Revise Standard Terms and Conditions for RPS Contracts
06/13/2007  Energy and Climate Change Law Alert: Oregon Legislature Makes Waves by Promoting Wave Energy
05/23/2007  Energy Law Alert: Oregon Set to Adopt Renewable Portfolio Standard of 25 Percent by 2025
05/04/2007  Climate Change Law Alert: Washington State Adopts GHG Emissions Reduction Legislation
04/20/2007  Biofuels Law Alert: IRS Notice 2007-37 Provides Guidance Regarding Coproduced Diesel and Thermal Depolymerization Using Catalysts
03/27/2007  Energy Law Alert: Report Concludes: Wind Will Play a Major Role in Pacific Northwest Power
02/22/2007  Energy Law Alert: Order No. 890: FERC Creates New Transmission Service Rules for Wind Energy; ‘Prying Open The Black Box'
02/20/2007  Energy Law Alert: FERC Issues NOI for Preliminary Permits For Wave, Current and Instream Hydropower Technologies
12/20/2006  Energy Law Alert: Ninth Circuit Rules FERC Section 7 Consultation Not Required on Past Actions
12/18/2006  Energy Law Alert: CPUC Issues Proposed Decision Setting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standard for Baseload Generation
12/12/2006  Energy Law Alert: Congress Extends Production Tax Credit and Energy Credit Sunset Dates
11/16/2006  Energy Law Alert: Interconnection Customers Who Suspend Work May Forfeit Their Place in the Queue
11/13/2006  Energy Law Alert: Washington Voters Approve Renewable Portfolio Standard
11/09/2006  Energy Law Alert: Washington Voters Choose to Enhance State's Renewable Energy Legacy
10/26/2006  Energy Law Alert: CPUC Charges Forward on Emissions Standards for Baseload Generation
10/23/2006  Energy Law Alert: New FERC Order Weakens PURPA's QF "Must Buy" Provisions
10/19/2006  Energy Law Alert: Department of Defense Issues Report On Effect Of Windmills On Radar
10/10/2006  Energy Law Alert: EPA Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the National Renewable Fuels Standard Program
08/29/2006  Energy Law Alert: California Solar Initiative Takes Shape
06/28/2006  Energy Law Alert: Window for Public Comments on Ocean Energy Regulation Closes Soon
05/23/2006  Energy Law Alert: Open Access Transmission Tariff Reform: FERC Proposes New Rules for First Time in Decade
04/06/2006  Energy Law Alert: Legislation to Watch: S.2401 - "Alternative Energy Extender Act"
04/04/2006  Energy Law Alert: Washington State Adopts Minimum Renewable Fuel Content Requirements
02/09/2006  Energy Law Alert: IRS Clarifies That State Tax Credits Do Not Reduce Federal Production Tax Credits
11/11/2005  Tax Law Alert: Construction Related Provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005
09/27/2005  Energy Law Alert: CPUC Proposes to Extend Renewables Portfolio Standard Requirements and Signals that Unbundled Renewable Energy Credits May Be Used for RPS Compliance
09/02/2005  Energy Law Alert: Energy Bill Affects the Construction and Operation of Electric Transmission Facilities
08/15/2005  Energy Law Alert: Energy Policy Act of 2005
08/15/2005  Energy Law Alert: Energy Bill Extends Production Tax Credit and Provides New and Expanded Tax Benefits for Renewable and Other Energy Activities
08/08/2005  Energy Law Alert: Energy Bill Provides Additional Benefits and Assistance for the Geothermal Industry
08/08/2005  Energy Law Alert: Energy Bill Repeals the Public Utility Holding Company Act, Limits Utility Purchase Obligation from Qualifying Facilities
04/19/2005  Energy Law Alert: FERC Proposes New Generator Imbalance Service for Intermittent Generation Resources
09/23/2004  Energy Law Alert: Pending Reinstatement of Production Tax Credit
09/01/2004  Energy Law Alert: The Production Tax Credit and Wind Power Investments

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