Endangered Species Act

12/06/2013  Environmental Law Alert: FWS Extends Eagle "Take" Permit to 30 Years | What You Need to Know
11/01/2013  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Greater Protections for Greater Sage-Grouse Along the California-Nevada Border
09/04/2013  Final ESA Rule Changes to Impact Analyses in Critical Habitat Designations
08/08/2013  NMFS Proposes Critical Habitat Designation for Three Rockfish Species Within The Puget Sound/Georgia Basin
04/29/2013  Environmental Law Alert: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance for Wind Projects
10/25/2011  ESA Law Alert: Recent Fish and Wildlife Service Decisions Affecting Businesses in California and the Pacific Northwest
06/01/2011  ESA Law Alert: Federal Agencies Plan Changes to ESA Regulations
05/18/2011  ESA Law Alert: NMFS Proposes Designation of Nonessential Experimental Population of Middle Columbia River Steelhead in Deschutes River Basin
01/20/2011  ESA Law Alert: NMFS Announces Plan to Propose Critical Habitat Designations for Lower Columbia River Salmon and Puget Sound Steelhead
03/11/2010  ESA Law Alert: Conservation Advocacy Group Files Lawsuit to Force ESA Decisions on Dozens of Pacific Northwest Species
01/21/2010  Endangered Species Act Law Alert: USFWS Proposes Revisions to Its 2005 Designation of Critical Habitat for Bull Trout
01/13/2010  ESA Law Alert: NMFS Proposes Critical Habitat Designation for Endangered Sea Turtles Along the West Coast
05/13/2009  Endangered Species Act Law Alert: Secretary Salazar Retains Endangered Species Act Conservation Rule for Polar Bears
04/30/2009  ESA Law Alert: U.S. Departments of the Interior and Commerce Revoke Endangered Species Act Regulations Issued by the Bush Administration
03/18/2009  Endangered Species Act Law Alert: Ninth Circuit Rules on NMFS Hatchery Policy
12/18/2008  Final Rule Amending Endangered Species Act Consultation Regulations Issued by U.S. Departments of the Interior and Commerce
06/26/2007  ESA Law Alert: The Supreme Court Decides That the Endangered Species Act Does Not Trump the Clean Water Act
04/11/2007  ESA Law Alert: Ninth Circuit Upholds Judge Redden; Rejects NOAA Fisheries' Biological Opinion in Federal Columbia River Power System Litigation
03/02/2007  ESA Law Alert: Tenth Circuit Rules Section 7 Consultation Requires Affirmative Agency Action
11/30/2006  ESA Law Alert: Federal District Court in Oregon Rejects Argument that ESA Consultation is Required For Issuance of NPDES Permit by the State
06/01/2005  Endangered Species Act Alert: Petition to List the Polar Bear Threatens Major U.S. Emission Sources and Alaska Oil & Gas Development

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