12/06/2013  Environmental Law Alert: FWS Extends Eagle "Take" Permit to 30 Years | What You Need to Know
11/01/2013  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Greater Protections for Greater Sage-Grouse Along the California-Nevada Border
10/04/2013  Implications for Industry of Oregon DEQ's Final Nuisance Odor Strategy
09/04/2013  Final ESA Rule Changes to Impact Analyses in Critical Habitat Designations
08/08/2013  NMFS Proposes Critical Habitat Designation for Three Rockfish Species Within The Puget Sound/Georgia Basin
06/24/2013  Environmental Law Alert: Oregon Adopts Rules for Authorizing Remediation and Restoration Activities in State-Owned Waterways
06/14/2013  Environmental Law Alert: Oregon's Environmental Insurance Statute Amended and Expanded
05/28/2013  Environmental Law Alert: DC Circuit Issues New MACT Decision on Residual Risk
04/29/2013  Environmental Law Alert: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance for Wind Projects
04/24/2013  Ocean Law Alert: Obama Administration Releases National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan
02/25/2013  CEQA Reform Bill Falls Short of Expectations
10/23/2012  Environmental Law Alert: Newly Published CEQA Decision Sets Precedent Regarding EIR Project Alternatives
08/27/2012  Environmental Law Alert: California Releases Draft Safer Consumer Products Rules
06/26/2012  Environmental Law Alert: DC Circuit Upholds EPA's Greenhouse Gas Rules
05/14/2012  Oil & Gas Law Alert: U.S. EPA Continues Refinery Enforcement of Clean Air Act, Focuses on Flares
03/29/2012  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Issues Land-Based Wind Energy Guidelines
03/05/2012  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Reissues Nationwide Permits
01/30/2012  Federal Court Holds That the Migratory Bird Treaty Act Does Not Apply to Lawful Activities That Result in the Incidental Taking of Protected Birds
12/29/2011  California Supreme Court Upholds Legislation to Eliminate Redevelopment Agencies, Invalidates Option for Agencies to Survive by Sharing Tax Revenue
06/01/2011  ESA Law Alert: Federal Agencies Plan Changes to ESA Regulations
05/18/2011  ESA Law Alert: NMFS Proposes Designation of Nonessential Experimental Population of Middle Columbia River Steelhead in Deschutes River Basin
03/31/2011  Environmental Law Alert: Sage Grouse Rules Poised to Restrict Development in Southeastern Oregon
03/31/2011  HSR News Alert No. 3: High-Speed Rail Authority Plans for Immediate Extension of Derided Starter Segment of the High-Speed Rail Project to Make It a "Train to Somewhere"
03/23/2011  Environmental Law Alert: California Court Enjoins Implementation of Cap-and-Trade
02/24/2011  Energy Law Alert: Boiler Hazardous Air Pollutant Emission Rules Released By EPA
02/09/2011  With Remand, LUBA Sends City of Portland's North Reach River Plan Upstream
02/01/2011  Water Law Alert: The California Supreme Court Renders Its Long-Awaited Decision On The Constitutionality Of the State's Water Right Fee Program, But Does Not Put The "Tax" or "Fee" Issue To Rest
01/20/2011  ESA Law Alert: NMFS Announces Plan to Propose Critical Habitat Designations for Lower Columbia River Salmon and Puget Sound Steelhead
01/07/2011  Environmental Law Alert: Additional Potential Obstacles to Development: New Wilderness Designations
12/20/2010  Water Law Alert: State and Federal Agencies Address State of Bay Delta Conservation Plan
11/22/2010  California High-Speed Rail: It's Coming Fast!
08/18/2010  Ninth Circuit Holds NPDES Permit Required for Logging Roads
05/13/2010  Environmental Law Alert: Court of Appeal Issues First Published Decision Regarding Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Under CEQA
04/01/2010  Environmental Law Alert: Oregon Drought Declaration Opens Door to Water Use Alternatives
03/26/2010  Developments in the Evaluation of GHG Emissions Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Washington's State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act (MEPA)
03/17/2010  Environmental Law Alert: California Supreme Court Issues Long Awaited Decision on CEQA Baseline
03/11/2010  ESA Law Alert: Conservation Advocacy Group Files Lawsuit to Force ESA Decisions on Dozens of Pacific Northwest Species
01/21/2010  Endangered Species Act Law Alert: USFWS Proposes Revisions to Its 2005 Designation of Critical Habitat for Bull Trout
01/13/2010  ESA Law Alert: NMFS Proposes Critical Habitat Designation for Endangered Sea Turtles Along the West Coast
01/12/2010  Water Law Alert: Klamath Basin Settlement Agreements Released - Historic Dam Removal and Settlement of Water and Fish Disputes
12/22/2009  State Water Resources Control Board Initiates First Step Toward Developing Flow Criteria for the Delta Ecosystem
11/09/2009  The California Water Deal of 2009: An Historic Turning Point
08/21/2009  Environmental Law Alert: Notice of proposed CEQA regulations on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
05/05/2009  Environmental Law Alert: U.S. Supreme Court Narrows Superfund Liability
04/30/2009  ESA Law Alert: U.S. Departments of the Interior and Commerce Revoke Endangered Species Act Regulations Issued by the Bush Administration
03/18/2009  Endangered Species Act Law Alert: Ninth Circuit Rules on NMFS Hatchery Policy
02/04/2009  California Regulatory Alert: Office of Planning and Research Holds Workshop on Draft CEQA Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emissions
11/07/2008  Environmental Law Alert: Recent California Environmental Legislation
08/30/2007  Treaty Rights Law Alert: Federal Court Decision Regarding Impassable Culverts Under State Roads
07/17/2007  Forest Industry Law Alert: U.S. District Court Rules That Wood Waste Is Not a Hazardous Substance Under CERCLA, but May Still Result in Liability in Aquatic Environments
06/26/2007  ESA Law Alert: The Supreme Court Decides That the Endangered Species Act Does Not Trump the Clean Water Act
06/11/2007  Stoel Rives Environmental Law Alert: Supremes Resurrect CERCLA 107
06/07/2007  Environmental Law Alert: EPA and Corps Issue Long-Awaited Joint Wetlands Guidance Memorandum
05/22/2007  Forest Industry Law Alert - Washington's New Wood Waste Cleanup Push
05/16/2007  Natural Resources Law Alert: Chairman Rahall Introduces Sweeping Changes to the Mining Law of 1872
04/02/2007  Environmental Law Alert: Supreme Court Rules on New Source Review - Environmental Groups Score Major Victory
12/12/2006  Environmental Law Alert: EPA Issues Final Rule Exempting FIFRA-Consistent Pesticide Applications from NPDES Requirements
11/30/2006  ESA Law Alert: Federal District Court in Oregon Rejects Argument that ESA Consultation is Required For Issuance of NPDES Permit by the State
06/22/2006  Environmental Law Alert: Fractured Court Fails to Clarify Scope of Federal Wetlands Regulation
06/01/2005  Endangered Species Act Alert: Petition to List the Polar Bear Threatens Major U.S. Emission Sources and Alaska Oil & Gas Development

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